Prof.dr. Francisco Venegas is affiliated to the School of Economics at Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico. He pursued a PhD in Economics and Mathematics at Washington State University. He also has post-Doctorate studies in Finance at the University of Oxford. His contributions to economic and financial theory and practice are multiple and can be found in his various models, techniques, tools and methodologies that have been applied in the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), the Colombian Stock Exchange, the Mexican Derivatives Market (MexDer), commercial banking (Bancomer and HSBC), rating companies (HR Ratings of Mexico), Bank of Mexico (Banxico), PEMEX, Ministry of Energy (SENER), among many others. He was also Financial Advisor to the Treasurer of the Government of the Federal District, Mexico, as well as Director of Research and New Products of the Mexican Derivatives Market. He has published around 300 articles in national and international peer-reviewed research journals. He is the author of more than 27 books, among which “Financial and Economic Risks” stands out, published by CENGAGE with more than 20,000 copies sold worldwide.