Herberto Rodriguez Regordosa is PhD Candidate at University Jaume I in Spain: he also holds a Master’s degree in Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from University of the Americas-Puebla. He was a visiting doctoral student at IESE Barcelona and followed the International Faculty Program designed for Case Method learning and teaching in business schools. Herberto Rodriguez belongs to the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness of Harvard Business School leaded by Prof. Michael Porter and to the Lean Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His main research interests are: strategy and business policy, corporate finance, financial markets, economics of education, and efficiency in education. His professional experience has been in the construction and materials industry and more recently in residential construction. He was Dean of IESDE School of Management in Puebla, Vice-President for the Graduate School at UPAEP, and currently is President for IESDE School of  Management and Empresarios por Puebla, a private foundation whose main purpose is to provoke social mobility through entrepreneurial efforts to end extreme poverty in Puebla