Prof.dr. Onno Steenbeek is Managing Director of Strategic Portfolio Advice at APG Asset Management. This department (20fte) is responsible for APG’s advisory services regarding ALM and strategic asset allocation, as well as investment and pension innovation. The quantitative models employed by the department are used to optimize the financial strategy of associated pension funds (with AuM totaling around Euro 600 billion), for overall risk budgeting and for reporting purposes. In addition, the department leads research projects into e.g. the sustainability of current pension contracts, longevity risk and a broad range of investment topics. Prof.dr. Steenbeek also holds a Chair in Pension Fund Risk Management at the Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, including teaching and research responsibilities at the University of Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean). Apart from lecturing on various finance subjects, in particular Institutional Asset Management, he conducts academic research and publishes books and articles and is a regular speaker at international conferences. In addition to his primary affiliations to APG and the Erasmus School of Economics, Prof.dr. Steenbeek serves as co-chair of the Research Committee of the International Center for Pensions Management (ICPM) in Toronto and holds various advisory roles in the Dutch financial sector and the Dutch government. He has taught several times at GEMFM programs in Curaçao, Lebanon, and Mexico.